The Cost of Control

An Open Letter to the Church

Photo by Becca Schultz on Unsplash
  • This absolutist advice is rarely freely given advice — it is expected to be followed. It is expected to be listened too.
  • Leaders are given control over other people’s lives to an unhealthy degree. Leaders are often young, more often than not, untrained, and rarely have any qualifying attributes for their positions of power.
  • Leaders who have sensitive conversations with an individual will often give advice, or take on the persons situation, without regard for any of the above factors. They have so much power over people’s decisions. If they report back to the pastor about something perceived as negative (again, without regard for culture, sexuality, socio-economic status, etc) this will negatively effect the person in question.

she/her. Curious human and self-love advocate giving language to experience. I tell stories and share my opinion. @jasminejohnston___ on the gram.

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